UV Defense Systems

Our UV system delivers clean water that’s free of disease-causing microorganisms throughout your home

Nearly Instant Disinfection

Keep Safe from Unknown Contaminants

Easy Maintenance

The CDC mentions that Ultraviolet (UV) light is efficient in sterilizing specific germs, bacteria, and viruses. In line devices that release a controlled UV light amount, like the Viqua Series UV light, are valuable for purifying regular amounts of water coming into your home. UV light’s effectiveness decreases in murky water due to tiny particles blocking the light; therefore, it should be the final step in any water filtration system you select. We consistently position an inline 20-micron filter ahead of the UV light In the event that the waterso the rays can reach the contaminant.

Common Water Problems

  • Bacterial Contamination

Benefits And Features

  • Chemical-Free
    Eliminate problematic organisms like bacteria and viruses without the use of harmful chemicals
  • Optimized For Your Water
    Delivers high-quality water for homes with city or well water
  • Eliminates Worries
    Avoid stressing over local boil water alerts
  • Filter Out Sediment
    Rest assured that your unit also reduces particulates like rust, sand, and dirt

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